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Sponsored from 1999-2007. I started using PowerBar Performance bars while I was a freshman in college. I swore I ran faster after eating one 30 minutes prior to racing. My cross country team started asking me what I was, I told them. Skeptical as they were, they got hooked too. To this day, there isn't a workout or race that doesn't include PowerBar products for me. Pria bars are the perfect amount for me prior to swim practice. Gels and the PowerBar Beverage System have gotten me through the most amazing workouts and races while Protein Plus has helped me recover only to start everything over the next day.


I've been running for over 23 years, and in that time, I have evolved as a runner. And, I keep with the ultimate running shoe company - Mizuno! Have you seen their shoes lately? If you haven't - RUN, don't walk, to your nearest running shoe store. In the meantime, check them out online.

Aloe Gator

Aloe Gator:
I have been a chap stick connoisseur since I was in High School. I have tried every brand out there, and about 8 years ago I came across my now all time favorite. Aloe Gator medicated lip balm. I keep on in my car, my husbands car, in my bike jersey (even with I race) and every bag I own. I may forget my wallet, keys, sunglasses, but I never forget my Aloe Gator. Sunburned lips are so passť.

Best wetsuits out there. I use their skinsuit for almost every race I do. Oh, and need a discount? Ask me how!

Jack and Adam's

Jack and Adam's Bike Shop:
Local Bike Shop in Austin that has an incredible support system in the community. They host event afte revent as well as carry all kinds of biking and triathlon gear. Don't be fooled by this small shop....good things come in small packages!